Territory Research for Creation

Universe of the "Naturas"

2014 - currently

Media: Drawing / Collage

Status: In process


Drawing as Thinking. Observing from Nature to understand the intrinsic relation between the universal divinity and the interior one, lines of interconnected understanding of time, space and place, where life just beholds its being in a constant flux of change. Universe of Naturas is the beginning of a transversal exercise between thoughts, life and drawings, a collection of observations on natures teachings and phenomenons. Lines that become meshwork's, places where everything is in a continuous movement of becoming.

Indeterminancy as Principle
Cuando se Escribe en el rio
Lo impredecible
El Mensajero
Jugo de Cangrejo y Borojó
Coming into Being
Abandonment to the Unkown
The River
Mas allá del Universo
La Tensión
Bosques de Oro
Parts and Whole
Enredo Sola
Hero´s Quest
El Mapa y el Terriotorio
Cuando se Escribe
El Muro y La flor
Rio 2
Palmitos del Putumayo
El miedo encierra
Ire Espinosa +
Sorpresas de Rio