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The Common and The Glorious
2012 -2018

Media: Drawing

Status: In process

Location: Turkey, Portugal, España, Marruecos, Croacia, India, Nepal, USA, Costa Rica, Colombia, Francia, Cuba,...

Is it possible to grasp and  understand a culture without the context, just by observing the people doing their glorious habitual activities? Or is this no longer possible in a world where these cultural limits are being crossed by screens and gateways that both join and break the notion of the particular?


Since 2010 I have been traveling drawing different aspects of public sphere. Trying to capture the essence of each place by observing the architecture and most importantly, contemplating its people and their quotidian actions.  I am mesmerised by how each place glamour relies on the common particularities. 


This is my collection of observations. Of drawings of the Common and the Glorious.  They are on plazas, meandering sidewalks, markets, under umbrellas, museums, roads, rivers, stairs,  cafes, hiding behind windows. At last it is about observing. 


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