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Territory Research for Creation

El Río Magdalena

2015 - 2018

Media: Video/ Travel notes / Photography / Drawing

State: Research 

Location: Colombia

"To unify responsibility… Every Colombian has an obligation with the Magdalena:

a tree in the shore, a book on opinion, a man on work. I now begin mine…”

Verdades del Magdalena - Enrique Perez Arbelaez


The project started with a question of what the shape of Colombia´s History looks like. It was a photography research project based on travelling across the multiple historical towns known as "Pueblos de Patrimonio".  But as the journey began, there was a strange coincidence on the location of these towns on river or water shores. And so the questioned changed. Why are rivers not considered historical if they have connected cultures and histories from multiplicity of times? The project slowly transitioned to a 1500km journey along Magdalena River. 3 years of going back and forth trying to grasp and question what Magdalena holds in the idea of heritage and therefore the future of Colombia. Here is a collection of notes, drawings and photos that have allowed me to observe and question the idea of history, memory and time through a river.

Final Collage Hockney Magdalena_edited.j
Collage, notes and  drawings
Copy of Magdalena_Paisajes_Agua 8.JPG
Photos and Video
Fish and Salsa2.jpg
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