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Possible Territories
Illustration Exhibition

Illustration by: Luisa Brando + Lisa Anzellini and Antonio Cortes

Graphic Design: Ana Velez + Alejandra Rodriguez

Media: Illustration + Infographics

State: Exhibited

Location: Bogota, Colombia

The exhibition Territorios Posibles (Possible Territories) seeks to reflect on Colombia's hydrographic basins, mainly that of the Magdalena River, which crosses the country and nourishes its biodiversity and its cultural and natural wealth. 


The Magdalena River is a living witness and protagonist of our diversity and our complex reality. The river has been a source of inspiration for great artistic works; it has been portrayed and interpreted through songs, literature, paintings and more from multiple perspectives and voices. 


The Magdalena river basin is a complex and delicate system that is profoundly affected by our day-to-day actions, such as the use we make of water, air and land. With the objective of creating new images and imaginaries to better understand the importance and complexity of the rivers in Colombia, we were commissioned to illustrate the geological, physical, economic, biological, human and historical information of the main Colombian waterway. Luisa's 8 years of research and creative practice focused on this, while Lisa's experience in scientific drawings complements perfectly.


The illustrations are the main graphic content of a 12-panel exhibition on the Magdalena River Basin, curated by the Banco de la República de Colombia. With the objective of communicating a large and complex subject to a wide audience, the illustrations were conceived to describe the information of each subject individually, clearly and respecting its own complexity. The complexity of the project led us to explore various methods of creation, starting with analog techniques such as pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolor and collage.  These initial images were then scanned and enhanced with digital illustrations in Autocad and/or Procreate, and finally composited in Photoshop.

Panel 1: Un territorio particular.

Panel 3: Pulsos del Agua y de Sedimentación

Panel 5: Biodiversidad Animal

Panel 7: Vida Económica.

Panel 9: Conflictos y dilemas.

Panel 2: Relieve y pisos bioclimáticos.

Panel 4: Ecosistemas de la cuenca

Panel 6: Poblamiento de la Cuenca

Panel 8: Transporte y comunicaciones.

Panel 10: Las defensas del Río.

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