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La Guajira


Media: Design/Photography/Drawing

State: Art Book Exhibited in Espacio Odeon, 2015

Location: Research- La Guajira, Colombia

There is a mesmerising enchantment intrinsic in its transforming  landscapes. As one drives up towards the end of the territory, rivers and waterfalls that drain from the Sierra Nevada, change into plantain crops and hundred year old ceibas that behold the cattle under its shadows, to later intense blues that puncture into the deserts. Where the stars shine under eternal textures between sands and cardonos that surround the architecture cloaked under these landscapes.


Landscapes of workers, herds, birds, and howlers. Sitting on a bench watching others walk by. Men fishing, women laughing, sounds, colours, and textures. A peculiar bazaar that creates a essence that captures the voyager. Is it the same feeling for those who stay?

Field Work. Photography


Art Book. Exhibition 

Seis Cuatro Editores

Espacio Odeon

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