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Territory Research for Creation

Market Plazas in Colombia


Media: Architecture Restoration

State: Research/ Designed

Location: Different towns and cities in Colombia

Working for: El taller de S

The concept of the FAB DE LA CAR, rose from the intention of revitalising public markets in Colombia. Understanding the public plaza as a vital reference of the collective memory of a town, its history and its commerce. It is a cultural project that intends to rescue and valorise ancestral knowledge and local farming traditions.This is the Pilot Project that encouraged this project due to its privileged location was the incentive that pushed the project to start. It lies between the mountain range and the river Teusacá, along a main road that connects the town to Bogota, 25 km away.​It is a private initiative supported by the local government and hopefully by the nations Ministry of Culture.


The aim is to regain the value in public plazas, and to understand the magic of this urban spaces in a town or a city. A market is a place of interaction, of adventure and surprises, of the mysterious and the anonymous, the exceptional and the common. The project as an opportunity to revitalise a town through an urban approach that potentiates the surrounding landscape, while rescuing the heritage of traditional cooking, agriculture products and farming.

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