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Streetwalks for Life

2013-2014 (ongoing by itself)

Team: German Sarmiento (Director and Creator), Combo 2600 (alliance),Luisa Brando (Creative Director)

Role: Creative Director

Location: Bogota+Medellin, Colombia

Clients: Veeduria Distrtital, Parque 93, (but mostly self imposed) 

Designed and developed with team: 14 (they now have over 50)

Status: On going 

Program: Tactical Urbanism

Competition Winners: Walking Missionary Awards

Cebras Por la Vida is a call for attention for the government, but mostly for the citizens. Moving from criticism into active participation, this civic initiative began as a critical proposal on Bogotá´s unbearable condition of public space. If a city wants to promote walking, the space must incite that. A good city for pedestrians is a good city for everyone, it is inclusive and promotes social encounters, active participation and education.  The walker should be the priority and the physical space of the city must evidence this with their public policies; urban development, transport, management and maintenance of the infrastructure of the city should reflect this. 


Art is used as a tool for education, for awareness and for change. 

This is a proposal for a joint construction of city space through the articulation of institutional and civic initiatives. Cebras por la Vida has associated with Veeduria distrital to work along side Colegios Distritales to join with the program Caminos Seguros (Safe Paths). Later it joined with the District Secretariat of Education, Government and Mobility. They would support and allow for maintenance of the street walks and the workshops on pedestrian education. The program´s future aim is to continue widening the framework of the initiative by inviting the private sector, ONG´s, and fundraising instituted to support this initiative not only through economic support, but being part of the making of the process. 

Through creative interventions in spaces absent of street walks, the project proposes Tactical Urbanism as a way of learning and teaching by the collective design of the crosswalks, with the intention of creating awareness of the relevance of protecting and providing dignifying space for the pedestrian. 

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