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Cultural Landscapes. Critical Cartography


Media: Drawing and Montages

State: In Progress

Location: Magdalena River, Colombia

For centuries maps and in particular, aerial maps have served as orientation and projection tools that have revealed immense landscapes the human eye could behold. But as they have been helpful to reveal the world, they have also homogenised complex territories that are intimate and unique. As seen with the Magdalena River, its landscape encompasses diverse processes of history settlement and identity, environmental fluxes that have given rise to cuisine, language, religion, and politics that cant be read from a view from above. Following James Corner and Brenda Parkers view of finding new ways of using maps, these montages  begin to suggest an alternative method to understand the Magdalena River as and open-ended process of cultural relations that must bee approached by a mapping method that goes beyond the geography areal approached. Design to challenge imagination. Montages that question how we relate to nature.

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