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Centro Creciendo
Rennovation project

An old cinema in the neighborhood of Mirasierra was to be re-used as a Children’s Health Center. It was a project about light.
As an homage to Rafael de la Hoz (former architect of the building) we created a facade that could apparently look hermetic, but was actually translucent. By a modular system of “biombos’ ‘ the 360 facade does not allow for one to notice when a window starts or finishes. It is a game of rhythm and light, a play between what was there and what is to come.


Architecture by: Luisa Brando

Facade Design
Centro Creciendo
Children Health Center
Collaboration with Valeria Paez Cala
Media: Architecture Renovation
State: Built
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2022

Before and after pictures of facade details. 

Before and after pictures of the main facade and entrance.

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